The projects are carried out in remote villages across Tanzania.

We have constructed wells throughout Tanzania, from Mwanza to Horohoro (Kenya Border), and from Handeni to Mafia Islands. We strive to respond to the calls for water from those in need, but the cries for help persist.

The villages we serve are predominantly inhabited by a very poor population, lacking basic necessities of life. The majority of community members engage in subsistence farming on small landholdings. The total population of these village sectors ranges between 150 and 500, with women and children comprising the majority. They are the primary beneficiaries of the proposed project.

Literacy levels in these villages are comparatively low, requiring significant efforts in the education sector to achieve better outcomes. Education plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life and living standards for the community.

Due to limited intervention from government and non-governmental agencies, the basic daily needs of life are often severely lacking in these villages.

Our modest contribution involves digging wells and making water accessible to the people. The wells are located near public facilities such as schools, hospitals, mosques, and churches whenever possible and available.

By focusing on these vital water sources, we aim to provide a small but essential step towards improving the living conditions and overall well-being of the communities we serve.