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This impactful program addresses critical nutritional needs within underprivileged communities in East Africa. Drawing inspiration from the Islamic tradition of Sadqah, goats are carefully selected, slaughtered, and their nutrient-rich meat distributed to those suffering from malnutrition and food insecurity – with a particular focus on orphanages.

The project puts nourishment directly in the hands of vulnerable families and children while upholding their dignity. The livestock is handled humanely, and distribution follows a meticulous process to reach the most deserving.

$50 per Goat

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the goats selected for Sadqah?2023-12-13T12:37:50-05:00

Goats are chosen based on health and suitability to ensure the best quality meat for distribution. We adhere to ethical standards in both selection and slaughtering.

How do you ensure fair distribution of meat?2023-12-13T12:38:25-05:00
How many people can one goat feed?2023-12-13T12:38:56-05:00
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