Tailoring Futures

How Microloans Weave New Beginnings

Meet a group of resilient women from Kenya whose lives have been significantly transformed. Supported by Foundation of Lights’ Buraq Endowment microfinance loans, each has navigated the path of vocational sewing training, emerging not just with skills but with stories of triumph and hope. These narratives showcase the profound impact of empowerment and the strength of the human spirit

Beatrice Mbeyu:

Since March 2023, Beatrice’s fingers weave through fabrics, crafting more than just clothing but futures, too. Earning a monthly profit of Kshs. 7,000, she’s become a pillar for her family, supporting her siblings’ education. With expansion in sight, Beatrice aims to stock more and mentor the next generation in the art of dressmaking.

Rehema Juma:

Rehema’s business ebbs and flows with the seasons, bustling with school uniforms in the new year and traditional dera and lesso as the year wanes. Her monthly profit of Kshs. 8,000 is a lifeline, doubling her business and funding her children’s education. She dreams of expanding her inventory and passing on her skills to local girls.

Amina Lugwe:

Amina has turned her grant into a treasure trove of materials for stitching, with a monthly profit of Kshs. 5,000 feeding her dependent siblings. Her vision is to expand her business to fully ensure her family’s wellbeing, turning each thread into a lifeline.

Esther Kajumwa:

Single motherhood and familial responsibilities define Esther’s world, but so does her unwavering spirit. The grant has been her business’s lifeline, bringing in a monthly income of Kshs. 5,000, which secures food and care for her family, especially her son with haemophilia.

Fatuma Mkello:

Fatuma’s loan has breathed life into her dressmaking business, attracting locals for her handiwork with uniforms, dera, and lesso. With a monthly profit of Kshs. 3,500, she manages her household’s needs and dreams of a day when her business will offer even more.

Khadija Mnyazi:

As the primary earner, Khadija’s skilled hands and the Foundation’s support have been transformative. With the grant and loan, she expanded her material stock, earning Kshs. 4,500 monthly, she sustains her family, embodying the very essence of empowerment.

Kwekwe Kuto:

Kwekwe’s rented shop space was just the beginning. With the loan’s help, she now ensures her children’s education and feeds her family daily. She’s focused on repaying the loan to concentrate on growth and diversification.

Mwanaidi Rumba:

Mwanaidi not only instructs eager minds in dressmaking but also leads by example with her own business. Since 2018, her enterprise has grown with the support from Foundation of Light, and her monthly profit of Kshs. 6,000 helps her cater to her family’s needs.

Saumu Fikir:

Saumu turned a single sewing machine into a flourishing business. With the grant and loan, she’s stocked her shelves, offering clients a wealth of choices and securing her family’s daily sustenance.

These narratives of hope are the living proof of what can be achieved when opportunity is given wings. They exemplify the mission of the Foundation of Light: to sew the seeds of prosperity and watch as they blossom into sustainable livelihoods.

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