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The Deep Well Project is dedicated to addressing water scarcity in Tanzania’s remote villages. By drilling deep wells, also known as boreholes, we tap into deeper underground water sources to provide a sustainable and reliable water supply for communities. Our deep wells are particularly effective in areas with deeper water tables, ensuring continuous access to water throughout the year.

Our focus is on communities that suffer from severe water scarcity, including rural areas and marginalized populations. By providing access to clean water, we aim to enhance their quality of life and support the overall development of these communities.

$3,400 per Well

Frequently Asked Questions

    How are locations for deep wells chosen?2023-12-16T08:03:08-05:00

    We conduct assessments to identify communities in dire need of water and choose locations where groundwater sources are deeper and accessible.

    Where are the wells located?2023-12-26T13:55:54-05:00

    Our well projects span remote villages across Tanzania, we select locations where the need for clean water is most acute, often in areas with limited government or NGO intervention.

    How can I dedicate a well to someone special?2023-12-16T08:05:10-05:00

    To dedicate a well to a loved one, you can fully sponsor a well and contact us at [email protected]. We will honor your request by placing the name of your loved one on the well’s sign, commemorating your meaningful contribution.

    What distinguishes shallow wells from deep wells?2023-12-16T08:05:32-05:00

    Shallow wells, with depths of 15-30 feet, tap into the nearer water table and serve approximately 300 people. Deep wells, using a rota sludge pump, reach greater depths and cater to over 500 people. They are ideal for areas with deeper water sources and require minimal maintenance compared to shallow wells.

    What is the lifespan of a deep well?2023-12-16T08:05:59-05:00

    Deep wells typically require minimal maintenance and have a longer lifespan compared to shallow wells, often lasting for decades with proper care.

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