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Education sponsorship at WIPAHS2024-01-03T13:20:57-05:00


Our Education Sponsorship at WIPAHS Tanzania nurtures students’ potential to become future leaders. We believe every child – whether aspiring doctor, lawyer, engineer or artisan – holds promise to significantly contribute. Our goal is laying an educational foundation enabling children facing educational barriers due to economic and social challenges to pursue dreams and become influential community figures.

We believe that education is a transformative tool that can empower underprivileged children. In partnership with WIPAHS, we provide comprehensive support including scholarships and mentorships, designed to guide students’ educational journeys, preparing them for future leadership roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What resources are provided to the sponsored children?2023-12-18T09:41:21-05:00

    This campaign covers school fees, uniforms, learning materials, and other educational expenses to ensure a comprehensive educational experience.

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