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We understand the transformative power of education in both higher learning and vocational training. Our program aims to unlock the potential of young adults in East Africa by providing access aligned with individual capabilities and job market demands.

In higher education, we support vital fields like medicine, engineering, and law, preparing future leaders and innovators. Our vocational training programs in trades like electrical installation, plumbing, welding, motor vehicle mechanics, and sewing equip students with practical, in-demand skills.

Our selection process targets motivated students facing financial barriers. We blend partial scholarships and loans, expecting students to also invest in their education, enhancing their commitment and success rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What vocational training programs do you offer?2023-12-15T11:17:51-05:00

    We offer a range of programs including electrical installation, plumbing, sewing, and more, catering to various job market needs.

    How do you select students for the program?2023-12-15T11:18:10-05:00

    Our selection process prioritizes motivated students who lack the financial means to pursue their education goals.

    Do students contribute financially to their education?2023-12-15T11:18:29-05:00

    Yes, we encourage a shared responsibility model, where students also invest in their education alongside our support.

    What fields of higher education do you support?2023-12-15T11:17:27-05:00

    We focus on critical areas like medicine, engineering, and law, alongside other high-demand professional fields.

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